Today in the city Nauvoo 19.07.2018

Il prossimo smartphone di Samsung sarà un telefono pieghevole?

La casa coreana starebbe studiando un nuovo device con uno schermo di 18 centimetri ripiegabile su se stesso.

1976 Idiots Try To Burn US Flag - But NOPE!

A baseball player, Rick Monday, saved Old Glory from being burned by some idiots. Vietnam is over! What are you even protesting????

More Outbreaks Are Happening. Why Aren’t We Worried About The Next Epidemic?

Ebola. MERS. Zika. Nipah virus. Lassa fever. Rift Valley fever. All were in active outbreaks in June.

A Brazilian plastic surgeon named 'Dr Bumbum' is on the run after a woman died following his butt enlargement injection

A woman has died after a complication in a butt enhancement surgery in Brazil, and her surgeon is on the run. Denis Furtado, also known as "Dr Bumbum," gave Lilian Calixto an injection of acrylic gla...

#WalkAway is Russia too...

Thought I'd just collude with Russia and post this shit here coz I don't give a . Dosvodanya smirnoff lada suka niva blyatt {{embed|t=aVtPR_1531928400}}

Genius, Beauty, & Perversity: The Alexander McQueen Film Is No Fashion Puff Piece

McQueen, in theaters July 20, is a fashion film that succeeds where so many others have failed. Fashion features have a tendency to get starry-eyed, hustling to secure glamorous 'talking heads' interv...

Amazon Prime Day, el nuevo día clave para las huelgas de empleados y protestas de los clientes

Los trabajadores de Inc., que tradficionalmente se declaraban en huelga en el período previo a las vacaciones, hallaron una nueva ocasión para llamar la atención de su empleador: Prime Day....

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